Monday, June 23, 2008


From Terry

It's an ongoing challenge for all non-profits. We are always trying to raise funds to support the organization, its programs, and operational needs. Some of us are home owners and know the joy and pain that enjoying and maintaining a home can be. It's no different with our beloved Civic Garden Center building. Today, we have HVAC repair people here and two volunteers working on repairing a badly leaking gutter, but the grounds are a sight to behold! I'm in the process of sending out a reminder postcard for our Spring Appeal. Our donations are down this year, but our costs are not. When you donate, you will receive a 10% Retail Discount Card that can be used at many of our local garden centers AND your donation helps us GROW our programs and maintain our building & grounds.

The 2nd plant of the week has been posted on our website - check it out and stop in for your POW Scavenger Hunt Card. I'm sure that you'll enjoy looking for this plant and walking through Sooty Acres aka Hauck Botanic Gardens.

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