Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer has arrived

From Terry

Summer is certainly here! Remember how beautiful the weather was last week? Well, that's all changed for sure. One thing, though, the grounds here are absolutely beautiful. We've just added our 3rd plant of the week to our website, let me say that if we had scratch & sniff ability on the internet - that would really be fantastic! I've found that there is a light floral scent throughout the garden/park. The Oak Leaf Hydrangea and the Bottle Brush Buckeye are so pleasant smelling. Come by for a real sniff.

Monday will have our lobby adorned with items from the Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists' Summer Showcase. I expect that there will be all kinds of creativity flowing with this incredible display of handmade artistry. Stop in and enjoy. We finally have AC after much investigating and labor - it makes the CGC a nice place to cool off after taking a stroll through the gardens. After the exhibit gets installed, I'll post a few photos.

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