Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Cara:

I just returned from vacation Tuesday, after being away for 10 days, and was amazed at how much growth has occurred in the gardens here (and for once I am not just talking about weeds)! When I walked up the brick path into the building I noticed the two urns in the herb garden were overflowing with pink and purple petunias, and the cannas and elephant ears had grown at least a foot in height and were much fuller. The blossoms on the Annabelle Hydrangeas have more than doubled in size, and just about every Daylily in the collection is showing off its colors. The butterfly garden is abounding with flowers, and next to the Daylilies and the All-American Selections Annual Display, it is quite a show! I am not sure if it is the rain we've had recently or just having been away for over a week, but I am continually impressed with the beauty of the gardens here and how the plants thrive. It makes me see how many little things are happening everyday that we pass right by and give no notice to. Even working in these gardens everyday, I realize that even I need to stop and smell the flowers!

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