Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rescue of Long Time Roving Chow

I wish I had taken a photograph of Gibson, today. She stopped by with her new human. Gibson has been roving the grounds of the Civic Garden Center for about six years. All this time, people that worked at the Gibson House (up the hill from our grounds) have been feeding her. We all tried at one point or another to get close to her but she was always elusive and skittish.

When the tenant's of Gibson house were moving, one of them decided it was time to rescue this matted, smelly Chow and did so by hiring a company to humanely trap the dog. They accomplished the feat and Gibson, the chow, was carted off to the groomer to be shaved and bathed. She then made a trip to the vet's office, had a full check up, shots, and was confirmed to be in good health.

Happily, Gibson, now has a home that she shares with two other dogs. All of us at CGC, including our Dirt Crew, were relieved to know that Gibson is well and being well cared for. It's so nice to share true story with a happy ending and to have finally been able to pet Gibson!

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