Monday, August 25, 2008

Talking Trash

From Paul

Picking up trash outside is probably the most-hated job here.
Tuesday I spent more than an hour picking up trash. In that time, I filled two garbage bags with:
a lot of food containers from the local fast food restaurant:
straw wrappers,
burger boxes and wrappers,
lids and straws,
chip bags;
cans (not always empty; ALWAYS wear gloves for trash pickup),
one sign,
empty cigarette packs,
an empty perfume spritzer, a hospital i.d. bracelet,
water bottles,
batteries (AA and AAA),
and plastic wrappers from a wide variety of consumer items.

While it would have added considerably to the weight of the bag, I wouldn't have minded seeing discarded copies of works by Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity and their like. As long as they were not wet or physically filthy, they could have at least gone into the ABITIBI dumpster for paper recycling. But no, we have to pick up other, even less useful waste.

It's extremely discouraging to work hard at maintaining a place of beauty when it seems like passersby (admittedly not all of them) care so little that they discard anything they are done with. Is it too hard to dispose of waste properly?

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