Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The aftermath of Ike

From Terry
We've survived a weather oddity but not without some losses. The Civic Garden Center was not alone in the destruction of very large trees. We've lost a good chunk of the large Ginko, a very old Hackberry, several Spruces and this Sugar Maple. There are other trees that sustained damage which we have not yet completely identified as other trees have knocked them over and covered them with their branches and limbs. It's like losing an old friend when a tree dies and we are all saddened.
But as the old saying goes - when a door closes a window opens, and in this case windows of light will be shining through what once was a shady canopy allowing different plants and trees to grow, forming a new and changing landscape. After all, gardening is all about change - choices that we make or choices that are made for us by nature.

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