Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer has arrived

From Terry

Summer is certainly here! Remember how beautiful the weather was last week? Well, that's all changed for sure. One thing, though, the grounds here are absolutely beautiful. We've just added our 3rd plant of the week to our website, let me say that if we had scratch & sniff ability on the internet - that would really be fantastic! I've found that there is a light floral scent throughout the garden/park. The Oak Leaf Hydrangea and the Bottle Brush Buckeye are so pleasant smelling. Come by for a real sniff.

Monday will have our lobby adorned with items from the Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists' Summer Showcase. I expect that there will be all kinds of creativity flowing with this incredible display of handmade artistry. Stop in and enjoy. We finally have AC after much investigating and labor - it makes the CGC a nice place to cool off after taking a stroll through the gardens. After the exhibit gets installed, I'll post a few photos.

Monday, June 23, 2008


From Terry

It's an ongoing challenge for all non-profits. We are always trying to raise funds to support the organization, its programs, and operational needs. Some of us are home owners and know the joy and pain that enjoying and maintaining a home can be. It's no different with our beloved Civic Garden Center building. Today, we have HVAC repair people here and two volunteers working on repairing a badly leaking gutter, but the grounds are a sight to behold! I'm in the process of sending out a reminder postcard for our Spring Appeal. Our donations are down this year, but our costs are not. When you donate, you will receive a 10% Retail Discount Card that can be used at many of our local garden centers AND your donation helps us GROW our programs and maintain our building & grounds.

The 2nd plant of the week has been posted on our website - check it out and stop in for your POW Scavenger Hunt Card. I'm sure that you'll enjoy looking for this plant and walking through Sooty Acres aka Hauck Botanic Gardens.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Classes

From Terry

We have lots of classes coming up this summer. For a full list go to our website, and click on the Education menu and then on Class Updates to get the full list. There are a couple that I'd like to tell you about:

Organic Lawn Care
Saturday August 9, 10am-Noon
Wes Duren, Landscape Manager, Marvin’s Organic Gardens will be leading the class. For those of you who have yet to seed your lawn, or have an existing lawn and want to rejuvenate it, Wes Duren will share a natural, more holistic approach to lawn care established by Marvin’s Organic Gardens. For every lawn problem, there are many organic, chemical free solutions. These methods are tried and true, and will equip you with techniques to eliminate dependence on harsh chemical fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. If you stop to think about the abundance of chemicals that lawn care companies spread each spring, summer, and fall you'll realize the importance of finding and using Organic methods to care for your lawn.

Birds of the Tri-State
Saturday, August 23, 10am-2pm
Brian Jorg, Horticulturist, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden will share his knowledge of our flying and feathered friends. Join Brian Jorg for a presentation on the birds of the tri-state region. See the rich diversity of feathered fauna that can be found in our area. Just in time for the fall migration, we will also discuss some of the best locations in our area to view these winged wonders. Light refreshments will be served.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What's up this month with volunteers?

From Connie at the Volunteer Desk

The season is full blown and there are lots of ways to get out in the garden this year. The phone number at the CGC: 513.221-0981

Summer Sprouts are up and running for the summer.
Last week Corina (Youth Ed Cord) held cook-outs in each garden to get things rolling.
If you enjoy kids and want to make a difference this summer, help out a day or two at one of the five gardens. Volunteer slots available afternoons Sundays through Fridays and some mornings. Get in touch with me or Corina to get plugged into this fun project.

Neighborhood Gardens always have projects for a few extra folks to put their energy into. Most work is done during the week, with arrangements made through Peter, our Neighborhood Gardens Corrdinator. Lots of garden clean-up and maintenance, and also construction projects from time to time, like building arbors, raised beds, etc.

Wed morning DIRT CREW meets weekly to maintain the grounds
Tues morning HERB GARDEN TEAM meets weekly to work in the demonstration herb garden

Are Special Events Your Interest?
July 24 Neighborhood Gardens Tour Help needed with set-up, registration, clean-up.


M3C3 city-wide volunteer day - groups from GE and PNC Bank swarmed the grounds to clean up the gardens and begin the renovation of one of the garden areas
Cincinnati Bell Volunteers did a weedin blitz of the Butterfly Garden piling up 15 tarps with weeds for the big compost heap
What a boost these groups gave us in our beautification efforts to keep our urban oasis beautiful !

Monday at CGC

From Terry:

Today - the first day of the work week is starting us off running. Corina has already loaded up one of the trucks for working in the kids gardens and has headed out with Luke, one of our summer interns - it's not even 9am yet!

Speaking of Corina (we affectionately call her CoCo)'s been a wonderful thing working here at CGC, I have personally made many friends, one of them being Corina. She came over to my backyard garden and helped me weed bright and early Saturday morning. Man, those thistle had no idea what was in store for them on Saturday! With Corina's help, my big veggie garden was transformed from weed patch to a mulched and respectable garden. Thanks, CoCo!

Stop in the lobby to see the Turned Bowl exhibit by Jim Goethel. Jim labels each piece that he turns with the name of the wood that he uses to create the beautiful and functional works of art (all items are food safe). Portions of proceeds help support the CGC.

Friday, June 13, 2008

From Vickiec

I'm attempting to get this blog moving so Terry's not just talking to herself. How many of you know about the Civic Garden Center? We're affectionately known as the secret oasis, or the best kept secret in town. We don't want to be a secret! So, come visit us, check out the website, take a class, get involved in your Neighborhood Garden.

Plant of the Week

From Terry:

Can you identify and find this plant at CGC?

Remember to check our website, at the very least, weekly. We've just added a new feature: Plant of the week. Here's one of the photos - come by, pick up your plant of the week scavenger hunt card, spot the plant and have it checked on the card. Do this five times and you get a free $10 class at CGC.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is a First!

From Terry:

This is my first time blogging. I thought I could give this a try to see if folks are looking for info in blogs about gardening, classes, events, event rentals, or anything else in which the Civic Garden Center is involved. There is always so much going on at CGC that I want everyone to know about us.

Take today for instance. We have rented our auditorium to the Cincinnati Youth Collaboration. They are conducting a meeting and it sounds like they are having a good one, there is much laughter seeping through the door. Yesterday, the Cincinnati Association for the Blind had a staff retreat here and Cara Hague, one of our staff horticulturists, gave the group a tour of the grounds and Hauck Botanic Garden. There were lots of plants to see, touch and smell.

Also, we've started a new feature on our website ( for Plant of the Week. Check it out. There's even a scavenger hunt for the plant of the week - stop by and we'll tell you all about it.

I spotted a few folks eating lunch on our patio and down in the garden at our new picnic table. It's such a beautiful day and a great place to enjoy a few quiet moments.

I'll blog more, I'm really just seeing how this whole thing works. Thanks.