Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter at the CGC!

After being closed for two days due to the snow and icing that Cincinnati was hit with, I couldn't wait to get back to work. My favorite time of day is the morning and I love arriving here before anyone else. When I arrived this morning, the grounds were pristine, no human foot prints, just bunny, bird, and squirrel prints. I know the weight of the ice and snow can be damaging, but it's just so beautiful. I took a few photos to share.

Center of fountain on our patio.

It was beautiful coming into work this morning!

Topigiary blindfolded by snow.

This sparkling Serviceberry is outside the
Cottage Shop covered in ice. It looks like a
glass sculpture.

The birds were happy to have the feeders refilled. It makes it a whole lot easier to identify the birds with a white background. Today, I've seen sparrows, a tohee, junkos, doves, starlings, a downy woodpecker and cardinals.

Although, we are blanketed by snow, it's not slowing us down; we are very busy with many events and plans. Saturday 2/7 is our annual quilt tea. We are in the midst of preparing for the home and garden show. The Preview Party and Plant, Herb and Hosta Sale committees have been meeting and it's going to be great (May 1, 2 & 3). Check the website for details.

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Nina Johns said...

I just re-read this on Feb. 18th, while it is 58 degrees and the sun was/is out. Seems like a long time ago. Fast forward:

About an hour ago, and after two weeks of constant snow manipulation and swearing off the great outdoors for awhile, I put on my muddy shoes, got the paper waste bags, and was itching to trim/thin/prune the shrubs that I never got to in December. Ready to go, I looked up and a big black cloud appeared, and began raining on my parade! By the time I came back in, took off the work clothes, and began another chore, the sun was out again.....