Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Q&A from the Helpline

Q: How can I control soil gnats (also known as fungus gnats) in houseplants?

A: 1. Let the soil dry between waterings, without causing injury to the plants.
2. Install fly tape/sticky traps to control adults
3. Spray insecticidal soap as an additional remedy.

Q: Where can I buy trees and plants which grow well in this region?

A: Well, at the Civic Garden Center's annual Plant, Herb, and Hosta Sale! The Preview Party is April 30 from 6-9pm (first dibs on shopping) and then the sale is open to the public on Saturday May 1, from 9am-3pm and Sunday, May 2, from 11am-3pm.

Q: How can I kill English Ivy from growing on a white pine tree.

A: Cut ivy off at ground level. This will kill the ivy. You can then pull off the dead vine from the tree. This works for fences, walls, houses, etc. Removing ivy from mortar may also remove some of the mortar - be prepaired to do some tuck pointing.